Youri Zoon and Gisela Pulido moves to BEST kiteboarding

Youri Zoon and Gisela Pulido moves to BEST kiteboarding


One of the biggest news for 2013 season is that Youri Zoon joins best kiteboarding. Youri Zoon is the world champion 2012, and will probably be a good help for putting Best back on the kitesurf-map. 

So Youri Zoon is moving

Best probalby offered a good deal to Youri for getting him to their team, or family as they would say. Youri says in an interview:

The offer BEST made me was one I could not refuse. As a pro-rider I have to be able to pay my bills but more important than that was the chance to become heavily involved in developing a product which focuses on outstanding quality, is safe and reliable and has a lot of key innovations. Developing a good product is very important for me and BEST is very open to this, they have a great R&D team based here in Europe and I’m looking forward to working closely with Peter and Jordi. I saw the offer as a great opportunity and took it.

Youris other sponsors for 2013 are these:

Brunotti: For boards and clothing.
Javra Software: For website, iphone/ipad apps.
Mystic: For wet suits. Koraal has been one of his first sponsors and has always been there for him.

Gisela Pulido is also on Best team nowdays

Gisela Pulido, arguably the worlds best (excuse the pun) female kitesurfer has left the Airush team, and joined up with new team mate Kristin Bose on the Best kiteboarding global team.

Both her and Youris plans for 2013 is to be World champions again, and always be on the podium. I think that Best might improve their positions in competitions in 2013 a couple of 100 percents…

Youri Zoon can be seen in the Hidden lines videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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