Lina in kitesurfing video from Finland – Summer 2013

Lina in kitesurfing video from Finland – Summer 2013


In this kitesurfing video, Rautio Sports rider Lina Björkskog is riding different spots in Finland with her Airush Razor kites during summer 2013. Tricks like raley to blind, back to blind, kiteloops and more are practiced in the video, as well as a couple of nice crashes and some cable wakeboarding.

Kitesurfing in Finland 2013 [VIDEO]

Locations spotted in video

The riding takes part at Hanko on the south coast of Finland, both at Tulliniemi and “Secret”, as well as up on the west coast at the beautiful spots of Storsand and Lohtaja.

Short info about the kiteboard video

Thanks to Rautio Sports for the great Airush Razor kites, board and more, and to Rip Curl for wetsuits and clothes.

More about the video at

2 thoughts on “Lina in kitesurfing video from Finland – Summer 2013

  1. Luna says:

    Oh gosh how awsome. I live in Finland and i went to north brazil last winter where i saw ppl kitesurfing and a passion was lit inside me. I soon decided to find kitesurfing school that could fit into my budget. I got through the IKO basic classes and was about to go for the advanced ones but the wind became too low and I had to travel back to finland. So im a beginner and I wish to find other surfers friends and supervisor in finland which with I could practice and develop. I live in espoo, pls contact me if we could talk and practice surfing together. This is my email

    1. admin says:

      Hi! Nice to hear that more girls take up kiteboarding in Finland! Lina always says that there are only old men on the beaches here nowadays. 😀 Are you still in Finland? From Espoo you have some good spots nearby, in Hanko, there is a spot for almost every wind direction (Tulliniemi, 4 tuulen tupa, Silversand, and more). In Helsinki, you can always kite in Lauttasaari beach, and sometimes in Kallvik too. But from Espoo, I would go to Hanko every time I have an evening or weekend off. We live on the west coast now, so we do not visit southern Finland’s spots so often anymore (we have 2 kids too, so it’s more complicated now), but if you ever visit the west coast and it’s windy, throw us a mail ( We visit the great spots Storsand (between Vaasa and Pietarsaari) and Lohtaja quite often.
      Best, Jonathan

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