Kitesurfing travel guides

Traveling for kitesurfing and finding more and more amazing destinations is one of the best things you can do. On this page, we gather all the travel guides we have written on kitesurfersblog throughout the years. The kitesurfing travel guides are sorted by spot, and when you click one you will find all the articles and blog posts that are written about that particular destination. Some spots only have one article, but then it is often more in detail. I hope you will find a lot of new inspiration here! Here are only the spots where we have traveled ourselves, for keeping the highest possible quality of the destination- and spot reviews in the travel guide.

Kiteboarding travel guides

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kitesurfing Tarifa

Kitesurfing Tarifa.

The capital of wind in Southwest Europe

kitesurfing Cotillo fuerteventura

Kitesurfing Fuerteventura.

Fuerte Ventura means strong wind, and that is exactly what you will find here!

too weak arms - A bad thing when trying kiteboad handlepasses

Kitesurfing Boracay.

Opposite of White Beach you find a kiteboarders paradise, Bulabog

boa vista kitebeach

Kitesurfing Boa Vista, Cape Verde

A beautiful Cape Verdian island. No crowds, nice waves


Kitesurfing Rhodes.

Combine your normal touristing with some sweet kiteboarding

sicily kitesurfing in sunset

Kitesurfing Sicily.

Flat and huge lagoon. Did I mention the awesome food already?

Desperate kitesurfers trying to catch the small winds of Mikri Vigla, Naxos

Kitesurfing Naxos.

Greek amazingness in a unspoiled location. Mikri Vigla is nice!

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka Kalpitya Lagoon

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka

Most epic lagoons ever. And downwinders. And time. Because there is not much else than kiteboarding to do in Kalpitya area.

Click here for the ultimate kiteboarding guide to Sri Lanka.

Kitesurfing South Africa

There is more to Cape Town than the West Coast which is known for its big air antics, world record jumps, and serious wave riding.

kitesurfing hurghada egypt

Kitesurfing Hurghada

Egypt is warm, with steady wind. Good and close-by escape-location for European winters

Lina kitesurfing at Canggu, Bali

Kitesurfing Bali

The well-known surfing location works suprisingly well for kitesurfing too, especially if you like waves

kitesurf in Punta Trettu Sardinia

Kitesurfing in southern Sardinia

Very high percentages of windy and sunny days all over the year,

Lina in redbull Ragnarrok

Snowkiting Hardangervidda (Red Bull Ragnarrok)

If you like snowkiting, then why not do it for real?