Watch out for the kite-eating-killer-ants!

Watch out for the kite-eating-killer-ants!


Okay, this is weird. Here at Boracay you can find a type of ant that crawls into the bladder of your kite and eats the rubber from inside. And when you pump the kite, there are hundreds of holes. When you fix 117 holes, and everything works, you put the kite back, and there is still ants inside it that eats more holes.

Facts about the kite-eating-killer-ants

  • They are invisible. At least I have not seen any.
  • They are fast. Hundreds of holes in a night.
  • They likes the leading edge most, because that is the most expensive one.
  • They like new kites the most. Old kites tastes like shit, apparently. And are cheaper.
  • They mostly eat on one or two places of the bladder. That is good, and makes it easier to fix.
bladder after kite eating killer ants

This is what the leading edge bladder looked like after the ant attack. Or the part of the leading edge bladder that the kite docktor had to remove. When putting water in the bladder, you see a lot of damage…

How to save your kite from the kite-eating-killer-ants

  • Do not store your kite near garbage or food.
  • Do not store your kite on the floor, hang it high!
  • Spray insectkilling toxic everywhere on and around the kite.
  • Or the most efficient way, do only snowkiting. In minus Celcius degrees.

Picture of the kite eating ants

I have no idea how they look, but I can imagine that they look somewhat like this:



Anyway, the amazing kitedoctor here at Boracay fixed the kite by removing a part of the bladder, and welding on a new one, and repaired 17 more holes on other parts of the bladder. He has been busy with repairing three of our bars also.

Your kites might not be the most solid ones, but at least they are delicious. -The ant.

2 thoughts on “Watch out for the kite-eating-killer-ants!

  1. Martin Sandström says:

    thefuck! blir till o kopa anitbug-spray o spraya pa varje kvall the… vagar man ens harom ligggandes pa stranden? 😛

    1. Hej! Jo nog vågar man ha dom på stranden nog, det var under natten när de låg på golvet i ett storage-rum som myrorna hittade dit, och det för att en hund hade släpat in något som ruttnat och dragit till sig myrorna tror jag. Men efter det så hängde vi alltid upp kitarna i taket på storagerummet så att inga myror kunde få tag på dem. Är du på väg till Boracay?

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