The new kites from Spleene arrived!


spleene kites, SPX and QX

Sweet deal! The new Spleene kites arrived yesterday! They smelled new, and the fabric had this wonderful sound of “new” when you touched them. Awesome.¬†

We got a Spleene SP-X and a QX

A 14,5 m2 SP-X and a 9 m2 QX. Why did we chose them? Because we are two riders, I am a heavy-weight dude, and my vife has almost no weight at all. I like slow and big kites for training handle passes; I think the SP-X will be perfect for that, but also a smaller one to boost big-airs and kiteloops with in stronger winds. I think the QX will be great for that. And, we still have a good 7 m2 kite left from the earlier deal. So we have a 7 m2 allround kite, a 9 m2 allround kite, and a 14,5 wakestyle kite. I think we will manage to cover the most wind conditions in Finland for us both with these three kites. I think we will trade the 7 for a 6 m2 later for getting more high-wind opportunities. But they are anyway quite rare.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the goodies, I just wait till I can start using them:

Lina with the Spleene-kites

This is how happy Lina got when we opened the package with the new Spleene kites that arrived from our local kitesurfing shop Jesaja Sport.

Now I just wait for our trip to Egypt in four weeks so that we can test the kites. Stay surfin! // Jonathan

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