The best spots for kitesurfing all four seasons

The best spots for kitesurfing all four seasons


When planning a kite  trip you better chose your destination based on the wind for the season. You do not to want to end up sitting on the beach waiting for the wind when you once get away (like when we tried to kitesurf in naxos). And depending on the season, different parts of the world is the mest sutable to kitesurf in.

Best spots for kitesurfing every season

We use the seasons from the northern parts of the world. So when speaking about winter, we mean December, January and February. Spring is March, April, May. In the same way, summer is then June, July and August, and when speaking about autumn we mean September, October and November. And with “best” we mean the spot with the highest wind-profability.
kitesurf in winter in mwazaro kenya

Best spots for kitesurfing in winter

Kenya. In winter, the western Africa is very likely to have winds.  In December, January and February Mwazaro in Kenya has 25-30 days per  month with winds over 4 bft (kiteable). So if you plan a kitesurf trip to Kenya in the winter, you will get wind.


kitesurfing in spring in cape verde (cabo verde)Best spots for kitesurfing in the spring

In the spring there are some spots in Europe that works. First out is Cape Verde – Sal. Over there the kiteable days per month in March, April and May is about 26. And over there you can get guided by Mitu Monteiro himself, he has a surfcenter there nowadays! You know, the awesome guy with the wave-board known from the Antandroy kitemovie filmed in Madagascar. Read the report from kitesurfing at Boa Vista here.




kitesurfing in hurghada

Best spots for kitesurfing in the summer

Egypt or Marocko. If you want a lot of wind in the summer you should check out northern Africa. You can expect a lot of wind every day, hot water, and cheap living. In Egypt you can try Sharks bay, El Gouna or Hurghada.

Cape Verde works very well in the summer as well! And of course Tarifa, but there are quite a lot of crowd during summertime. Read about how to book a successful kitesurfing trip to Tarifa here.



kitesurfing autumn fall in brazil

Best spots for kitesuring in the fall (autumn)

Brazil. In Taiba – Jericoacoara the wind is kiteable (more than 4 bft) 30 days per month in August, September, October and November. That is definitely enough. And the wind is quite hard, you can probably use your 10m2 or smaller every day.





Sources: Windguru, Windfinder, Kite Worldwide.

Here was just a few, feel free to comment and tell us about more spots for all the seasons! I will add them to the list if they are windy enough!

8 thoughts on “The best spots for kitesurfing all four seasons

  1. Dave Gardner says:

    the orkney islands in scotland, I live here and we have wind all year round, we must have 20+ spots to kitesurf, it never matters which direction its coming from we have 4-5 places to choose from.

    1. Thanks for that! 🙂 Do you have any site where it is possible to check the wind statistics for the whole year?

    2. Dave Gardner says:

      this was the best i could find, the orkneys are at the top just off scotland

    3. Dave Gardner says:

      we had the best oddysey here a whileback too

    1. I will add Tarifa! Which seasons are the best in Tarifa, and where do you check the wind?

    2. We use and for Tarifa. The season is year round, summers are hot and winters cold but not as cold as the rest of Europe! Tarifadreamer is the hub for the whole community from kitesurf to parties! Website coming very soon 🙂
      Tarifa Masters of Kitesurf – 19-22 July

  2. Martin Sandström says:

    Didn't know you had this list 🙂 Now your readers can double check at hehe.

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