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Jesajasport Spleene teamrider Anders with the Spleene SPX kite and Rip board

Jesajasport Spleene teamrider Anders with the Spleene SPX kite and RS board

Spleene is known for making some really great kiteboards, right? I think so at least. Because of that I am very glad that my friend Andreas has started to sell Spleene in Finland, in his webshop Jesajasport – Leijalautailu ja SUP.

Spleene has as well started to build kites, I tried a 7m2 Spleene SP-X in Helsinki last week, and must say that even if it was white and not so nice-looking, they have succeeded in getting the same great quality transferred to their kites as they have on their boards.

Jesajasport is the main importer of Spleene in Finland

Spleene can be bought in several places in Finland, and is really starting to become more and more visible on the beaches here. Jesajasport is the main importer in Finland for the kites. Even if I like their SP-X, I would like to see a even more C-shaped kite in their quiver as well. The Spleene QX is a more allround Bow-style kite, and is probably good for newbies and beginners, and for people that wants to cruise and be able to ride in a big wind-range, but I personally like C-shapes more. Anyway, I might buy some Spleene SP-X kites and Spleene RS boards from Jesajasport next summer if they do not release a real C kite until that!

All the Spleene products –>¬†www.spleene.com.
Other people writing about Jesaja Sport (Sandra, in Swedish).

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