Snowkiting in Finland by Kiteboarding Team Eternia [Video]

Snowkiting in Finland by Kiteboarding Team Eternia [Video]


The winter at the northern hemisphere is now just a memory, the sun is melting the snow, water is dripping from the roofs, there is romance in the air, bums and beggers are crawling out from their hideouts, and big water kitesurfing is up again in our amazing waves in Finland…

Who the heck am I kidding, there is still winter everywhere, and you’ll freeze your ass of if you go near water. That is why we need to check the best kitemovie from Finland this year, and that is of course “KTE” from the bastards up in the northern parts of our country:

The Snowkite video

It is a 15 minute snowkite video, filmed in Pallas, Oulu and Pori, in Finland. The guys seems to have a lot of fun, and by this time they have probably already forgot all the frozen cheeks, freezing cold snow in their pants and blue fingers caused by the camera, and are enjoying some freshly grilled reindeer and karjalanpiirakka while waiting for the last chunks of Ice to leave the Baltic sea.


  • Sami Heikkilä
  • Juho Kauppila
  • Sauli Pisilä
  • Jaakko Saarenpää
  • Harri Rautava
  • Tommi Kallela
  • Tero Tikkanen
  • Pelkkä Enska
  • Acke Salo
  • Olli Korvala
  • Kasper Hahtonen
  • Ilari Maarala

Big up to you guys! And to other kiters in Finland, no pressure, but this is the level for kitemovies from now on. Bring some more!

2 thoughts on “Snowkiting in Finland by Kiteboarding Team Eternia [Video]

  1. Sauli Pisilä says:

    Great read! Thanks for the support… Now let there be summer!

  2. Ihan huippu pätkä! KIITOS! Meilläkin olis Pallaksen reissua suunnitelmissa talvelle. Ehkä joku päivä saatais näin siistii matskuu kanssa aikaseks 🙂 Woop Woop!

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