RedBull MEGALOOP Challenge 2013 in Zandwoort

RedBull MEGALOOP Challenge 2013 in Zandwoort


Yes! We have finally got some storms over northern Europe. And RedBull/Len10 timed it perfectly by having the RedBull MEGALOOP Challenge (2013) the first day of the storm, in Zandwoort. Were there some action you asked? Well, let this video speak for itself:

RedBull MEGALOOP Challenge 2013 Video

Kind of awesome, huh?

RedBull MEGALOOP Challenge fails

You do not want to fail a megaloop in these conditions. But as always with competitions and nerves, someone always do. Check this one:


Results from the RedBull Megaloop challenge competition.

Ruben Lenten did not compete. Here is the top 4 from the competition (Final heat)

  1. Jerrie van de Kop
  2. Kevin de Smidt
  3. Steven Akkersdijk
  4. Remco Klabbers
Anyone thinking of travelling to the norht sea, Denmark/Germany/Holland soon?



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