Review: Planet Surf Camp in Fuerteventura

Review: Planet Surf Camp in Fuerteventura


We got the chance to escape the cold and snow and spend 10 days at a surf camp in Fuerteventura in the middle of the winter we did not hesitate to say, yes, let’s go! But also, we gathered a group of friends that also wanted to go, to get the trip even more epic.

planetsurfcamp longboard
Longboarding outside the planet surfcamp house

We stayed at Planet Surf Camp in Fuerteventura. They have a great big house in Corralejo, with a lot of rooms, a nice chill-area, a great kitchen, and all surfboards and wetsuits you need. We took the package that included 5 days of transport to the best surf spots for today, and lessons for becoming better surfers. Which was a big win, since there are hundreds of surf spots, and we would never have known which one that would have worked the different days, but with the surf teachers taking us to the best location every day there was not too much struggle (outside the water. In water the struggle was real).

Planet surf camp chill area

The things to remember from the Surf Camp in Fuerteventura

Surfing. We all got better. But that was obvious, let’s go on to the parts that are fun to read about. One of the best things about traveling is the connection to new people. There were Germans, Swedes, Austrian and Swiss people at the camp, as well as local Spanish people. Together with them we had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new words in German and Spanish.

Our best takeaways languagewise

  1. Ein vorsichtiger Laufhund (Una Cerveza). Some things led to other things. The local beer was named “Tropical”, and their logo is a dog. A Scenthound. So naturally, a beer is then a Scenthound. That sounded really weird, and since everyone was german, we named it Laufhund instead. And since we would surf every morning we had to be careful. So. Ein vorsichtiger Laufhund. There were some laufhunds consumed.
  2. Aquí solo locales (or something like that) which means “locals only”. We used the term both ironically and with a great sense of humor. I think that we would have been beaten up if we had stayed longer. Another good term is “Fumar Mata”.
  3. The struggle is reef. We surfed the reef breaks even on low tide, and we got some scratches. And a broken toe. Still worth it. The original sentence is “the struggle is real” but can easily be transformed into “The struggle is reef” or “the paddle is real” since we had to paddle far out to reefs sometime.
  4. Speaking English with a Spanish and Italian accent. Just to prove that we are not tourists. I think the effect was the opposite though.

Another highlight from the trip is when the surf-teacher “Marco” (AKA The Italian Jesus) saved a German tourist that looked like Putin from drowning when he was trapped in the strong current that pulled him out and started to smash him against the cliffs.

Also, the bakery that we stopped by at every day at Lajares was a highlight. They had awesome pastries. And the local Tapas-restaurant where we ate 3 times, La Casa Domingo. They could not speak a word English. On the other hand, they had awesome tapas. And the best Sangria. And honey-rum and candy after food. Here is a picture of us at their place, with the casanova that served us, we can call him Horche.

domingo Fuerte Ventura - Local tapas restaurant

We also did some kitesurfing in the afternoons, more about that in the next post. Staying at Planet Surf Camp worked out great, and they did not hate our kitesurfing gear too much. Just the usual, subtle comments and stuff. I could easily have stayed longer for more surfing and Kitesurfing.

Here are some images from the trip

The city Corralejo
fuerteventura longboard
surf van at punta blanka
surf van at punta blanka
fuerteventura longboard

So. Book a trip to Fuerte, it is a great place. It is “the hippiest of the Canary Islands” we heard. You will find Planet surf camp here:

Until next time, It is nothing, we look!

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