PKRA Dakhla – Freestyle action and Youri Zoon disqualified

PKRA Dakhla – Freestyle action and Youri Zoon disqualified


Awesome! Level seems to be higher than ever in PKRA this year! Watch the wrap-up of the Freestyle competition in the first stop of the tour, Dakhla, Western Sahara (Or Morocco, can´t really find out if it is an own country or not). <– Nonrelevant comment, WATCH video below!

Youri Zoon disqualified at first stop (Dakhla) on PKRA 2013

The world champion Youri Zoon gets disqualified after crashing into another competitor. Himself, he did not agree with the judges desicion, here is what he said:

SO here is the DSQ from my side!

The heat went really well, till the DSQ highest scooring heat of the day i have been told. 
Anyway in the last 30 sec pretty much i saw louis hutter going in and going for a trick, he crashed the trick and i took of just a little down wind of him, at that time the kite was still at 12o clock on his leash.

I was trowing a 317 and landed it clean at that moment louis his kite was at the water and right in front of me no change of avoiding the kite.

In this case was the down wind rider and during the trick i could have no way avoid the kite.

The verdict well rules are rules!

In my opninion , people that make those rules are a bunch idiots that don,t have the experience on the water!! 

Do we wanna live by written rules ? im sorry but i dont!

Well lets look it from the bright side now!
Had a really good heat landing a BJ 5 and 317 , conditions where perfect for 11m GP.

And the fact i was going for the highest score of the day does good to me! 

Cheers and have a good one. It,s time to go big in the doubles!

Im ready! 

– Youri Zoon on Facebook.

More action at the Dakhla stop of PKRA 2013

Yep, it does not stop there. In the semifinals, Alex Pastor broke his leash when landing a trick, and the kite flew away. He then started to swim against land, and when he get there, his biggest rival in the PKRA tour 2013, Youri Zoon gave him a new kite. Alex then took off with the new kite, did four tricks without a leash, landed them all, and won the heat. Amazing riding from Alex Pastor, and great sportsmanship from disqualified Youri Zoon!

Let’s stay tuned for a video from the wave-riding! The results are already clear, Kevin Langaree won the mens division, and his sister Jalou Langaree won the womens division. I heard that their cousin is Ruben Lenten as well. What is upp with that dutch family?

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