Picturefactory testing new Jib by filming Kitesurfing

Picturefactory testing new Jib by filming Kitesurfing


The motion picture company Picturefactory made a new rig for filming smooth cameramoves, and tested it by filming Airush Finnish teamrider Lina kitesurfing on the Finnish westcoast.
Here is the video:

You get quite nice camera moves with a rig, right? 

More info:

  • The location is Storsand in Finland, one of the nicer beaches in this cold country, it was a sunny day with light-wind-conditions.
  • Picturefactory is a new company focusing hard on making affordable byt yet awesome videos for companies, everything from advertisments to company-stories to documentary. Here is more samples of their work: http://www.picturefactory.fi/portfolio. I do think you should contact them if you are in need of such services.
  • Lina Björkskog is a Finnish kitesurfer that rides for RautioSport, Airush and Roxy. She is also a personal trainer and fitness coach.

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