New Spleene SPX-2 2013 kite – Pictures and info

New Spleene SPX-2 2013 kite – Pictures and info


Now Spleene has launched the first pictures for the 2013 SPX-2 kite, a brand new version of the successful SPX. They did not launch any new kites during 2012, so this release feels great!

Spleene SPX-2 pictures

Spleene SP-X 2013 - Great colors
Spleene-SP-X picture
Spleene-SP-X-2 in the air
Spleene-SP-X behind a palm

The new Spleene SPX comes with a new X-bar as well:

Spleene x-bar 2 - kitebar

Pictures are from the new Spleene website

My experience of SPX

I owned a couple of the earlier 2011 Spleene spx kites, and they were really nice. Stable and with a quite light bar pressure. And now when I can´t get new Gin Kites anymore, I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of the new SPX 2 models. I think that Jesajasport will bring them to Finland, so I’ll probably get a couple of them for the 2013 summer season.

Spleene SPX-2 specs

The new Spleene SPX comes in these sizes: 7, 9 and 12 m2. That fits me perfectly, I now have 6, 9 and 13, and feels that the 6 is slightly too small and the 13 slightly too big. The kite uses 4 lines, and are shaped as a “Hybrid Shape” with wider wingtips for C-Kite-barhandling.

Spleene spx 2 with kitesurfer on the water

Improvements from the earlier SP-X

The low-end-performance is said to be improved. Good, even if I never felt that the old one had bad low-end performance either. A new IN/OUT valve with bigger diameter is also new, for easier pumping. Thanks to a new profile, the kite should also be more stable in the air, which I think is great for doing more unhooked wakestyle tricks. The new profile also makes the kite get more power at low winds and extended windrange at high end, Spleene says about SPX on their website.

Oh, I forgot to mention the obvious. The new Spleene SP-X is about 100 times more good-looking than the older ones.

Just my thoughts. Best regards from Boracay //Jonathan

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