Kitesurfing Tarifa 2015: This is the Tarifa we found [Video]

Kitesurfing Tarifa 2015: This is the Tarifa we found [Video]


In early 2015 we felt that we had enough of Finland. Once again. We started to think about places we could escape to for a while and found Tarifa to be a good match. Here is the kitesurfing video from our time there!

Chosing Tarifa for kitesurfing

The requirements were clear;

  • We needed great kitesurfing (that’s always our main reason for travelling).
  • We needed decent internet and EU time zone (There’s always work that does not do itself, you know).
  • Moderate price level.

We had earlier been kitesurfing in Southern Europe (Spain & Greece) and the common places close by (Egypt, Cape Verde, Fuerteventura), as well as in Asia (Boracay, Indo & Thailand).

The Asia-trip was nice, but I felt kind of trapped on the islands and there were not really any possibilities to work at any of the places due to crappy internet. We would like to check out Caribbean and South America some day, but not this time with this (low) budget.

We like road trips wery much, as well as seeing new surroundings, we like to have a car at the place we stay so we can drive around and see new spots and cities. It then was quite clear that we would do a road trip to Southern Europe. We chose Tarifa because of the wind-probability. It is not the best wind or best spot in Europe, but it is almost always windy, and we liked the city very much last time we were there. And with a car you have access to the whole south coast, with a lot more kite-spots than the ones in the city.

The kiteboarding video from our time in Tarifa:

(if you are in Germany or Philippines or some other country where YouTube likes to block videos, you can also watch it on Vimeo: This is the Tarifa we found – Kitesurfing video)

Kiteboarding spots in Tarifa in the video:

We visit kitesurfing spots around Tarifa, from Palmones close to Gibraltar to Caños de Meca close to Cadiz.

Balneario: Always strong wind when Levante is on. Almost too strong, and offshore wind, so the spot does not fit beginners. This spot is really nice for high airs and having fun.

Rio Jara: The rivermouth on the beach between Tarifa and Valdevaqueros. Does only work on Poniente winds and high tide, but then it is amazing. It is kind of illegal, it’s cows close to the water and a little crowdy on good days, most of the professional kiteboarders are here then.

Valdevaqueros: This is the spot that always works but never is good. On Levante-days you can ride in sideshore winds, and further out it might be really good. On Poniente-wind it is onshore mega-easy. Since this spot always works, here is always a big crowd. Be prepared to get kites crashed onto you, it is perfectly normal here. This is a great “base” spot with good food and chill-areas.

Palmones: This is a getaway spot ~40 km from Tarifa in the direction of Gibraltar. This is where you go if the Levante-wind is too strong, so that you cannot ride in Tarifa. Though, the Levante needs to be really strong for this spot to work, otherwise there will not be wind at all here. When it works it is really good though!

Los Canos de Meca: Another safe spot for Levante-days. One of the safer spots with onshore wind. If there is a swell coming in and the tide is right there will be great waves here too, unfortunately not when we visited.

On Poniente-days you can ride wherever in Tarifa, these spots are mostly for the Levante-days. More about kitesurfing spots in Tarifa here.

Tarifa city and surroundings

Don’t you like kiteboarding? Then check this video that shows the beauty of Tarifa from the view of a longboard or bike:
Longboarding in Tarifa:

Anyway, I hope you liked the video, see you on the water!

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