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This is a training routine made for kitesurfers, to strengthen the muscles needed when kiteboarding. It is also suitable for wakeboarders and snowboarders, of course!

kitesurfing training workout with lina

Okay, I know, the best way to become better at kitesurfing is to do kitesurfing, but during the low-season everyone can do some training or exercising for keeping the right muscles in shape for getting stronger until the kiteseason begins again. With these exercises you will also prevent injuries. So here is the kitesurfing exercise you need to do to get better even in days with no wind, a whole kitesurfers exercise program:

The kitesurfing training

1. Squat with jump

Do like this: Do a deep squat – check that the knees are pointing straight forward – and jump explosively up. Land softly by bending your knees into a new squat.
Why: This exercise trains the muscles in your leg that you need to edge hard and to ride smoothly through the chop. This exercise gives you more explosivity, which is needed when you are powering up for a jump. It is also great to train this, for learning to bend your knees enough when landing hard jumps. Landing with straight legs are often the reason for injuries in the knees.

2. “Pull down” with a rubber band or in machine


Do like this: Do this exercise in a suitable machine or with a rubberband. Stand on one leg for making it harder, and keep your core tight. Pull the hands down towards the hips, and do not let the arms go fast up again.
Why: To make latissimus dorsi (your back) stronger, and to make your triceps stronger. This is important, you want to be able to pull your bar back after a unhooked jump. This exercise trains your balance and your deep abdominal muscles as well.

3. Inverted push-up under a table


Do like this: Find a table or training equipment in a suitable height. Keep your body straight during the whole workout, and pull yourself up by using your arms and your back. Keep your legs straight for making this harder.
Why: In this workout you train your biceps, chest and back, which is needed for being able to maintain a good position when riding.

4. Obliques in machine or with rubber band

Do like this: This one trains the obliques. Use gym equipment or a rubber band that you pushes to the side by tightening the oblique abdominal muscles. Try to keep the upper parts of our body still.

Why: A strong core is important for a kitesurfer that wants to be able to kite for a long time in a good position. I is also needed for avoiding pain in your back and for making the spins successful. This exercise does also strengthen the muscles you need for doing handlepasses.

5. One leg deadlift

Do like this: This trains the strength of your rear hamstrings and butt in the same time as it makes your balance better. Stand on one leg while bending forward, and keep the other leg straight. This exercise can also be done with a rubberband, while holding the rubberband between the front foot and your hands.
Why: This is training your balance and muscles in your legs, the muscles that you need for riding towards the wind or preparing for a jump.

6. Abs


Do like this: This is an effective workout for the straight abs. Keep your coremuscles tight during the whole workout, and do not bend your back. Keep the legs straight and lift them up by tensioning the abs. Vary this exercise by lifting to the sides. This can be done at home as well if you have a desk in the right height in 90 degrees angle.
Why: The straight abs need to be in good shape on a kitesurfer, because they are used all the time. The muscle is used for example in high jumps when you want to grab your board, or when landing a raley. The abs easily gets tired during kitesurfing if they are not well trained.

So, during the downtime, be sure to keep your kite-muscles in shape by doing some hardcore kitesurfing training, some workout in the gym.

Do these exercises two times a week, with for example 10 x 3 repetitions. These exercises are also great for people not kitesurfing, even if this training scheme is made especially for kiteboarders.

Thanks to kitesurfing physiotherapist Lina for the videos and the workout scheme!

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  1. Matteo Colla says:

    very nice e professional.

  2. Nice program 🙂 You should also check out for inspiration 🙂

  3. Marcin Miły says:

    Video of exercises no. 3 is the same like 1st one

  4. Marcin Miły says:

    well prepared article! Thx! And now, I can go to gym.

  5. Thank you, yes, of to the gym. Or even better, let's hit the water..:)

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