Kitesurfing made it to the Olympics 2016 – Good or bad?


So now it is official! Kitesurfing is an olympic sport, starting from the Olympics in Brazil 2016, wether you like it or not. What do you think about that? Do you think it will bring the “sport” forward or hurt it?

Racing with kiteboards now an olympic game (video)

Kitesurfing replacing windsurfing?

The International Sailing Federation announced the decision after a meeting in Italy, that kitesurfing will be replacing windsurfing in the olympics in Rio 2016. It has just been accepted by the ISAF after a 19/17 vote.

Snowboarding made success in olympics, why could not kiteboarding do the same?

Unfortunately it is only racing this far, but I think it is a grat achievement. I mean, people thought snowboarding would get killed when it were accepted in the olympics, but it just made the sport bigger, and now almost every discipline of snowboarding is included in the olympics. I would not be too surprised if more disciplines than racing with kiteboards get accepted as well in the olympics.

What do you think? Is it good or bad that kiteboarding now is in the olympics as well?

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  1. Absolutely great! ūüėÄ

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