Jumping from 909 meters cliff with a kite – Crazy! [Video]

Jumping from 909 meters cliff with a kite – Crazy! [Video]


Do not lie. Whatever you say I know that you secretly wish to jump from really high stuff with your kite. Last year Jesse Richman towed himself up to 790 feet and flew down. Now there is one guy that stepped the game up a little and jumped from a mountain that is 909 meters high, and landed at the seashore in Gököva, Turkey. Watch the video here.

In the “Jumping from 909 meters cliff with a kite” – video:

The crazy dude is Marek “Murphy” Zach, an Ozone rider from Czech Republic.

More info (from Youtube):

Gokova Murphy Cliff Project
Location: Gokova, Turkey
Date: Sept. 14, 2014
Idea: Marek “Murphy” Zach

Wind: 8-10 kns, thermal & onshore.

Kite: inflated kite, Ozone C4, 14m


  • huge experience – hundreds of sililar jumps on snowkite
  • consulting with local paragliders
  • careful site inspection (mountain, city, beach)
  • weather and winds forecast monitoring
  • sleep, proper nutrition, relaxation and punk style meditation

Jovi travel, JoviProManagement, Ozone, Mystic, Future Kiting, SP, Go Pro, Snowboard Zezula, Acai, Pitcha, KiteTracker

Camerman: Jacek Gadzinowski
Editor: Michał Pakulski

Translation: Tomek Jurek, Linguaservice.pl

So, who is going to try this at home? Maybe not from 909 meters, but let’s say 10? 20? Let’s go!

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