Inspiration from Boracay by Christian Tio, 11 year old

Inspiration from Boracay by Christian Tio, 11 year old


When being in Boracay you can not miss the small kid Christian Tio riding. He is only 11 years old, but still kitesurfing like a pro. Here is a one year old video of Christian Tio kitesurfing (And he is even better now than in the video):

Christian is kitesurfing every day

As I said earlier, we are staying mostly at Freestyle Academy during the days here, and he is mostly there too, riding every day. It is a great source of inspiration to see a small boy like that do great tricks, and I really think that he will go far in kitesurfing. I am sure we are going to hear the name Christian Tio in international kitesurfing competitions in 4-5 years.

Christian Tio is now sponsored by North kiteboarding, Ion, and Valhalla Bistro Boracay.

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