Hotels in Boa Vista

Hotels in Boa Vista


Boa Vista is a great place for Kitesurfing, and also a good destination for chilling and taking it easy. “No Stress” is their slogan. But anyway you will need a hotel when spending time at Boa Vista. Hotels at boa vista can be found in different price-classes and qualities. Read on to find your Hotel in Boa Vista.

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Hotels in Sal Rei City at Boa Vista

I stayed at a hotel called the creative name “Hotel Boa Vista”. It is in the middle of the center, it is quite affordable, and it has a great restaurant.

SAL REI centre and the Boa Vista hotel

Hotel Boa Vista is the orange house

view from hotel boa vista

view from hotel boa vista

Hotels at Boa vista outside the city

There is also a big hotel Riu close to the airport 6 kilometres from the city, a hotel that looks like a big sandcastle and has several own restaurants and shopping inside. An all-inclusive hotel. But that is not my style, and too far from the city, but for families with kids it might be a great choice.

hotel riu boa vista

In the background you see hotel Riu Boa Vista

All hotels at Boa Vista

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