HIDDEN LINES Kitemovie part 1 now online for free!

HIDDEN LINES Kitemovie part 1 now online for free!


Omg I have been waiting! The HIDDEN LINES Kitemovie part 1 can now be watched online for free here on kitesurfersblog!

Here it is, the Hidden Lines kite video, first part, 18 minutes of pleasure:

Watch Hidden Lines kitemovie part 1 Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen set out to travel the destinations on their bucket list. First up is Chile, where they discover a mountain lake called Puclaro and score a wave session at Matanzas. Along the way we get to know the different characters and their intertwined history. But most of all, this is where a road trip full of fun starts.

Hidden Lines Video Info:

Produced by: EyEFORcE.nl
Music composed for this movie by: Jorrit Kleijnen and Franklin Reeves.


  • Slingshotsports.com
  • Oneill.com
  • Sportlife.com
  • Brunotti.com

The HIDDEN LINES Kitesurf film

The hidden Lines kitesurf video is a beautiful production by EyEFORcE.nl, sponsored by Slingshot, Oneill, Sportlife and brunotti, with featured riders Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen, or as they descibes it, the two biggest rivals in kitesurfing and the craziest man on earth. The movie was first shown in a cinema during the PKRA Scheveningen, in May 2012, and it was an awesome success.

After a thunderous ovation of more than 800 Dutch visitors, media like Kitesurf Magazine called the movie “the first real cult movie in kitesurfing” -sbckiteboard.com.

Hidden Lines kitesurf movie part 1 now online! Watch it here for free
Kevin in a screenshot from Hidden Lines
Nick -craziest man on earth
Nick -craziest man on earth

The epic conversation: 

Nick: -Two really good kiters, and me, going together on a trip, that is a good combination.

Kevin: -Nick is a crazy guy,  I don’t know, that guy scares me most of the time, you know, when we arrive at a new spot the first thing he does is to look at a cliff or something big that he can jump off!

So, should I watch the hidden lines kitemovie, part one?

Are you kidding me? Are you actually reading this stuff instead of watching the movie again? Come on, are you a kitesurfer or not? Here is what to do:

  1. Watch the movie again. Yes, AGAIN, you should not be reading this if you have not watched it yet. Do that and continue.
  2. Get stoked
  3. Call your boss, say that you are sick, book a flight, leave for kitesurfing.

Next episodes of Hidden Lines:

Hidden Lines kite video part 2

Hidden Lines kite video part 3

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