Downwind kitesurfing from Boracay to Union beach

Downwind kitesurfing from Boracay to Union beach


When you have kitesurfed for a while on the quite crowdy Bulabog beach on Boracay, you might want to enjoy a place with kilometers of flatwater and only maybe 7-8 kites in the air? Then it is time to head to Union beach for a day. And a good way of getting there is to kitesurf all the way.

Kitesurfing from Bulabog, Boracay, to Union Beach, Panay

The best day to do it is a day when you are a little over-powered at Bulabog, because the wind is a little weaker at Union, and it is easier to go upwind back if you have power in your kite. You can go on your own, but the best way is to just follow some local or experienced rider that has been there before.

Think about this before trying to ride to Union from Boracay

  • You should know how to ride, and also how to ride upwind, because on the way back you will need it.
  • Your hips and thights will hurt a little. Concider it a workout pass.
  • There will be high waves on the way. You might not see the kiter in front of you, only his kite. And no, you will not see the horizon either when you are between waves.
  • Do not kite downwind of the small islands between Boracay and Panay. The wind will drop and your kites will eventually fall into the water, and you have to wait untill you have drifted downwind so much that you can launch them again. Inverted two to three times. What a vaste of time, and laughing tourists in the boats besides you…
  • Kitesurfing from Boracay to Union beach is about 7-9 kilometers, and will take about 15-20 minutes.
  • Kitesurfing back from Union beach to Boracay is more than the double distance because of the upwind riding. And it will take up to an hour. For us it took 45 minutes.

If you do not want to kite there, but still want to see the place, you can also take a tricycle and a boat. It is a little more expensive and not as exciting, but on the other hand you have the possibility to bring the camera and some cash..

The map for the kiting to Union:

Kitesurfing from Boracay to Union Beach 9 km

Kitesurfing from Boracay to Union Beach, about 7 – 9 km Gmap pedometer says

Kitesurfing back from Union Beach to boracay was a little longer, because of the upwind struggling

Kitesurfing from Union beach to boracay 30 km

Kitesurfing from Union beach to boracay, 25 – 30 km Google maps say

As you see, getting back to Boracay was a little worse. But it was still totally worth it, because of the awesome spot Union. And if the wind dies, you can always take a tricycle and a boat back. Just remember to bring some cash in a waterproof bag.

Freestyle Academy has a surfcenter at Union beach as well.

Kite at union beach, Philippines

Kite at Union beach, Philippines. Boracay can be seen behind those small islands in the middle of the picture. Not the big one to the right, that is Carabao Island.

Thanks for reading. Have a blast! Best regards, Jonathan

4 thoughts on “Downwind kitesurfing from Boracay to Union beach

  1. Oliver Olegario says:

    nice write up thanks.

  2. Dev Spine says:

    Kit Acenas check this out!

  3. Thank you! Have fun! 🙂

  4. simon says:

    great blog. im heading to boracay area over xmas for 3 weeks, but dont plan on spending much time kiting in boracay. can you tell me about the conditions at union beach? any sea urchins, corals…? how is the wind and kite size do you recommend?

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