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Freeride kitesurfing is what the most of the surfers out there are doing. Some say that freeride is about jumping high and doing oldschool stuff like board-off’s and hooked in spins. Some say that freeride kiteboarding is to just chill, ride on your favorite beach, do some jumps, ride some waves, and just have a good time kitesurfing. I think freeriding is to kite with no pressure, it is kitesurfing when you suddenly realize that you are laughing out loud by your self when you are feeling that good and is far from every problem out there. Here are the freeride-posts on this site:

Spleene QX – An allround kite


This is a video from Spleene kiteboarding.


Ruben Lenten (len10) is back!


For seing the kitesurfvideo in better quality, check it at vimeo! After a year away due to a broken ancle and some surgeries, the kiteloop master Ruben Lenten (Len10) is finally back!


Ruben Lenten (Len 10) doing megaloops


The king of kiteloops, Ruben Len 10 (Lenten) is doing some sick megaloops in this video.


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