Spleene QX – An allround kite


This is a video from Spleene kiteboarding.

Spleene QX – Access to all areas

Today Spleene added this video to their Youtube channel. This is one of the kites I have got from Spleene this year, they arrived some days ago. It is looking very good. Nice that Spleene is starting to make Quality videos as well, they have Quality products already.

Can the Spleene QX allround kite be a good one?

I hope so, cause I have bought one 9m2. Even if I do not really like allround products, I always think that “allround” and “universal” is the same as “compromise”. And I do not think that compromises are good in kite business. A freestyle kite can be an allround, yes. But for wave-riding and wakestyle I think that specialized products work better. But I have not tested this one yet, I hope they prove me wrong. And anyway, it is mostly my wife that is going to use it, I got myself an Spleene SP-X 14,5, that probably is just as slow as I want a lightwind kite to be. Because in light wind you should just keep trying to land a lot of wakestyle tricks, and when being bad at handlepasses, a slow kite is the best.

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