Boracay day 1 – Accomodation and storage for kitegear on the beach

Boracay day 1 – Accomodation and storage for kitegear on the beach


We arrived to Boracay late in the night on Saturday, and went to our place to live straigth away. We are living at English Bakery (Bolabok apartelle,) a quite cheap place near teh kitesurfing beach.

When waking up in the morning, we headed to the beach for finding storage for our gear. We headed for Freestyle Academy, since some friends had recommended it. 

About the Kitebeach at Boracay, Bulabog

Bulabog is said to be a crowdy place at least in January when there are high-season. Because of that you cannot really just take your kites down to the beach, pump them and start riding, you almost need to book storage somewhere at a kitecentre. We chose the Kitecentre Freestyle Academy, the storage there is 1300 php (24€) for a week, or 4000 php (72€) for a month. Then you can also use their shower, bath-rooms, the compressor for pumping the kites, rescue with jet-ski if failing totally, and you get a place to stay and chill when not riding.

Of course it would feel great to just have a free beach as well, and not one crowded with kitecentres and hotels everywhere, but on the other hand, company might be good sometimes, and you learn a lot from watching other here (the riding skill is quite high!). Beaches with no crowd can also be found here, for example the Union Beach to which you can kite from Bulabog.

The Bulabog Kite beach

Sunset at White Beach

A short walk away, just across the island, is the unbelievable beutiful White Beach, that have made Boracay a famous travel location for people all over the world.

About Accomodation at Boracay

On Boracay you can find everything from single rooms to five-star hotels, and the price level is according to that as well. From some euros per night to hundred of euros per night. Some things to think about:

  • Book your accomodation close to Bulabog beach (the kite beach), it is shorter walk, and also cheaper than on the famous White Beach.
  • If you are here outside high-season, I would recommend you to book a room for just some nights, and then walk around and talk to people here for finding a cheaper or better room. Not even close to all places can be found on the internet. We started at English bakery, a place that we had booked through e-mail.
  • You get what you pay for. The range (from bad to good) is really broad here. There are all kind of places.

About English Bakery (Bulabog Apartelles)

Like I said, we ordered a room at English Bakery. We ordered one of the better rooms there, for about 33000 php a month. Still, when we arrived, we thought that the place looked very sad, a little broken, you did not see a lot through the window (it was a fence behind it), and the equipment was old and a lot used. But when staying for a while, we understood that it was some of the best rooms you could get for that money, if you want better, you need to pay a lot more. Last, the rooms was not bad at all. The internet did not really work in our room, but in the cafe-area it workked very well.


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