Boa Vista Internet and Wifi (Cape Verde)

Boa Vista Internet and Wifi (Cape Verde)


Okay, as a traveler nowadays you need internet to some point. At least I need. I went for kitesurfing to Boa Vista, and I needed to use my computer quite a lot. So how is the internet at Boa Vista then? Well, let’s see!

Boa Vista Internet

It is quite a new phenomen there still. But whatever you are doing at Boa Vista, you will like to share your experience online, and therefor you need internet anyway..

Wifi at Boa Vista

Hotels and restaurants have wifi sometimes. But it is often really crappy, and at hotels it is both crappy and expensive and unstable. Like 4 € an hour, and slow like on the nineties. I would not rely on that for any kind of internet activities. It might be better at some expensive hotel, but at our hotel (hotel Boa Vista) it was slow, and at all restaurants and bars it was slow.

Pre-Paid internet on Boa Vista

unitel boa vista internet

Unitel has cheap and good prepaid simcards with internet.

This is the way to go! Go to the Unitel-shop on the main street in Sal Rei. Buy a simcard for 2 €, and fill it up with prepaid internet for 9 €. You will then get 2 Giga to use. This is fast and reliable in the city. I could stream Youtube and do Skype-calls. Outside the city on the beach, it was still okay too. As far as I know, Unitel is the only service provider on the island.

Do like this to get internet on Boa Vista:

  1. Try hotel wifi. Then become angry and quit.
  2. Buy a simcard with prepaid internet for your phone.
  3. Use Instagram and Facebook everywhere on your phone.
  4. Use mobile hotspot on your phone for making an own wifi that you can use on computer or Ipad.
  5. Smile, because this was cheaper than being 3 hours on crappy hotel-wifi.

Great! Now you know how to find internet on Boa Vista. Next up, let’s find you a Hotel on Boa Vista!


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