Antandroy – F-one kitesurfing video, Madagascar, Africa


Antandroy – a F-one kitesurfing and SUP video, filmed in Madagascar, Africa. It does not get much more awesome than this.

Antandroy – Kitesurfing and SUP, by F-one

In this video, the F-one team heads out to the real african wilderness, to Lavanono on the southest coast of Madagascar, 2 day-marches offroad from Forth Dauphin. Over there they hook up with the local people, playing around, having fun, and of course, kitesurfing and riding stand up paddleboards both on flat water and in the huge waves.

The story of Antandroy

Before leaving, Madagascar was just a wave and some wind. But once in Lavanono, there is much more than that, we discovered an extraordinary people, the Antandroy, the people of the Thorns. We shared our two worlds, we surfed on extreme and beautiful spots, and tried to introduce them to our passion; on the other hand, they opened the doors of their village, their customs, their way of life. Nobody comes back from Lavanono untouched, inevitably we all leave a small piece of our heart. Antandroy, more than a kite trip, a timeless journey.

Riders in Antandroy kitesurfing and SUP video

The riders in the video are the following:
Robinson Hilario
Mickaël Fernandez
Mito Monteiro
Etienne Lhote
Remi Quigue
Raphaël Salles

Kitesurfing styles in Antandroy

The Antandroy video is a great mix of riding styles, first we have Mito’s incredible strapless kitesurfing with his wave board, jumping with the kite, grabbing the board and flipping it and keeping it between his legs for example. I would call it “Refreshed old school” riding. Then we have some totally awesome freestyle and wakestyle tricks in this video as well. What more, there are a stunning kitelooping section in the end, where everybody is just looping their kites on and on, all being in the air at the same time. That is mindblowing. And you can’t surf Madagascar without having a great wave-riding-section. But there is not just kitesurfing, there are as well a lot of Stand-up-paddleboarding, as well as a lot of shots from their life at the village in Lavanono, hanging out with the local kids and trying to teach them wave-riding with their stand up paddleboards (SUP). This movie is just great. Watch it. You can download it for PC and Iphone at F-ones website for this movie as well. If you wish to get to that site, click here!. Thank you F-one kites for a great kitesurfing video!

Antandroy kitesurfing video by f-one


One thought on “Antandroy – F-one kitesurfing video, Madagascar, Africa

  1. Alex says:

    I saw this most beautiful kite movie. The day after, I bought a ticket to Madagascar.
    I planned to stay 2 weeks; it ended up one month.
    My most beautiful kite (and travel) experience since my kite beginnings 9 years ago.
    A few pics:

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