5 of the World’s Very Best Kitesurfing Destinations

5 of the World’s Very Best Kitesurfing Destinations


Kitesurfing is growing in popularity and with more and more people taking up the sport, there’s never been a better time to get involved (if you’re new to it) or book a trip to test your existing skills out. It’s also an excuse to see more of the world, so read our list of the world’s five best kitesurfing destinations and start planning your next adventure today.

  1. Le Morne, Mauritius

Located in the southwest of Mauritius, Le Morne has warm water and lots of wind and is ideal for kitesurfers of all experience levels. There’s a flat, shallow lagoon if you’re new to the sport, plus more challenging waves at nearby Manawawa and One-Eye for veterans and those with a few lessons under their belts. Conditions vary daily, so make sure you check the safety of the water before you head out there. (Surfer Today have written an article about how to check the conditions if you’re not sure what to do.)

Best time to visit: From May to October

Best kitesurfing destinations

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  1. Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya has plenty of wave riding spots for keen kitesurfers, including places where you can go downwind if you’re ready to travel longer distances on the board. A peninsula shelters the lagoon, so it’s perfect for beginners who feel more comfortable in calmer waters, while the waves on the other side will offer lots of fun for the more experienced.

Once you’re out of the water, you’ll enjoy the culture of this tropical destination — the mix of interesting culture, delicious food, and friendly people is unbeatable.

Best time to visit: From May to September and December to March

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

There are several beaches to choose from in Auckland, so you can tailor your kitesurfing experience to your needs. Newbies will love Point Chevalier, in central Auckland, and Te Atatu Peninsula in the west of the city, where the shallow waters and gentle waves from the perfect conditions for kitesurfing lessons.

Shoal Bay Reserve has beach breaks and allows you to ride upwind, so it’s a popular spot with competent kitesurfers, and there are a few spots for very experienced kitesurfers, like The Spit in nearby Glendowie — strong currents and the odd ferry mean you have to be extremely careful.

Best time to visit: All year round; New Zealand often experiences the four different seasons in one day. Don’t forget to take out travel insurance — chances are you’ll be okay, but there’s always a risk (as there is with any sport).

Best kitesurfing travel destinations

(Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash)

  1. Boracay, Philippines

With its sandy white beaches and tropical climate, Boracay is a popular destination and it’s particularly favored by kitesurfers. It’s a busy spot year-round, so beginners are better off elsewhere, but if you know the ropes then you’ll appreciate the steady winds and lively waves.

Best time to visit: From mid-November to March

  1. Maui, Hawaii

Maui’s Kite Beach is also known as Teach Beach because it’s such a great spot for beginners to learn the ropes, although there’s also plenty to please experienced kitesurfers too. Take a lesson from one of the many kitesurfing schools that line the shores, or head out to the pro pool to see what you can do. As the day winds down, stick around to witness one of Maui’s beautiful sunsets (check out this list of places on the island with the best sunset views).

Best time to visit: The weather is warm and the wind is steady all year round, so it depends on what you want. The strongest winds blow from April to October, while the biggest waves normally occur between October and April.

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