Kiteboard travel – Trips to remember

Kiteboard travel – Trips to remember

I have been travelling a couple of times every year the latest years, and here I am saving the memories from the trips so that there is something left from them in the future. I’ve been told that life eventually will catch up and the time of careless travelling has to end. I tend to ignore voices like that, but anyway there is great to have a place with all travel memories gathered for later. I am going to go over all kite-trips we’ve made since 2009 in chronological order here. Feel free to ask anything about a trip or destination. This post is updated whenever we do a new kitesurfing trip abroad.

Rhodes, Greece

Fall 2010. Our first kitesurfing trip abroad! Scary and fun! Read our kitesurf guide for Rhodes, Greece here!

Naxos, Greece

Here is the surf report / kitesurf guide for Naxos in Greece.

Tarifa, Spain

Here is the notes and guide from our first trip to the kitesurf mecca of Europe, Tarifa (2011) and here is from the second trip: This is the Tarifa we found (2015). If you are interested in the wind capital of Europe, do not miss the tarifa-special Travelling and kitesurfing in Tarifa either.

Hurghada, Egypt

Late 2011: Read my report from the kitesurfing trip to Hurghada in the Red Sea in Egypt.

Hvide Sande, Denmark

Kitesurfing in the North Sea and fjords of Hvide Sande / Ringkoping. Coming soon

Boracay, Philippines

We spent one and a half month in Boracay during winter 2013. Read about what we liked about kitesurfing in Boracay here. There are several posts, since we stayed a long time.

Seco island, Philippines

During our Boracay-trip we visited a lone island in the middle of the sea as well, Seco Island. It was only some 100 meters big and had a few palmtrees on it, nothing else. And you did not see land anywhere. Read about the amazing kitesurfing at Seco island here!

Bali, Indonesia

We went to Bali and Lombok for surfing, but since we had our kites in the luggage from Philippines with us we decided to try kitesurfing in Bali as well. It was really funny in the big waves!

Pran Buri, Thailand

We stayed for some weeks in Pranburi in Thailand for kitesurfing during the KTA competition there. Here is a video of Lina kitesurfing in Pranburi.

Kitesurfing in Pranburi (coming soon)

Boa vista, Cap Verde

We spent two weeks at this windy island in winter 2014. Read about kitesurfing in Boa Vista here and the other things to do in Boa Vista that we tried.

Hardangervidda, Norway / Red Bull Ragnarrok

We attended Red Bull Ragnarrok and did some nice snowkiting on the glacier

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Our trip for surfing and kitesurfing in Fuerteventura can be studied here:

Tarifa & Cádiz  & Algeciras, Spain

In spring 2015 we did a road trip to sunny south coast of Spain, to Tarifa and its surroundings, for kitesurfing. Check a short report and video from Tarifa here (kitesurfing and longboarding in the city.