Things To Do In Kalpitya, Sri Lanka

Things To Do In Kalpitya, Sri Lanka


If you visit Kalpitya the reason for your visit is most likely kitesurfing. Since Sri Lanka is getting noticed as a really great kitesurfing destination, a big part of all its visitors are there just for doing that. But here we’ll cover some other things to do as well.

Tnings to do in Kalpitya

We have to face it, when it is not windy in Kalpitya there is not much to do. But let’s stay positive and find out the things that you can do.

1. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing (Too obvious, but I’ll list it for the ones finding this post from Google.) I wrote all about kitesurfing in Kalpitya, Sri Lanka here.
Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka travel guide

2. Check out the dolphins

Whale- and dolphin watching. Kalpiya area is great for dolphins, as well as wales. We went on a dolphin watching trip from Kappalady, and saw hundreds of dolphins. We were the only boat around too, so we did not feel that we disturbed the dolphins at all. We did not se whales this time though. Best time to go is in the morning when it is not windy yet so you see the dolphins very well. Most kite centers and hotels offer dolphin watching.

Dolphin watching in Kalpitya

3. Safari trips in Sri Lanka

Safari in Wilpattu National Park. We went for a full day safari in the nearest national park, Wilpattu. We saw an elephant, monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, deers and a lot of other animals and birds. We did not see a leopard, but there are chanses of seing them too. You can either go in the morning or in the evening. Tip: Bring some friends, and you can share the cost. You have to pay entrance fee up front, and a fee for the safari jeep (after). And the 2 hour ride to Wilpattu from Kalpitya with a van. Most hotels and kite centers offer safari tours.

Elephant in Wilpattu national park

4. Enjoying the ocean

Swim in the ocean. It is warm, but still a very needed chill-out thing to do every day. If you live near the big lagoon, the centers often offer you a boat ride over the lagoon to the sea side. If you live in Kappalady you can walk to the ocean. If you live inside Kalpitya city you have to take a tuktuk.
Swim in the ocean

5. Visit villages and local homes

Rent a scooter and drive around. There are several small villages to look at, as well as Kalpitya ”city” (village). We looked at the Talawila church and lighthouse, several small villages and beaches, some different kite centers, and some local homes that invited us in.
See villages and houses in Sri Lanka

6. Enjoying the company at your hotel or kite center

Doing Yoga, Snorkling, running on the beach, partying and playing games with other guests in your kite center or one nearby.
Running on the beach, Sri Lanka

7. Inland trips

Taking trips to the inland or other coastal cities and villages. You can reach Sigurya in a daytrip with a van, but for seing more of Sri Lanka it is recommended to travel around for some time. If you go to the south in the beginning or the end of your trip you can do a lot of surfing too.

Things you cannot do in Kalpitya

There is not really any restaurants or bars around. And not really any shopping either. You will not find any ”normal” tourists yet either (read non-kitesurfers). So for these kind of activities you have to go a lot more south.

More reading? Check the ultimate kitesurfing guide to Sri Lanka, where you can find some more things to do near the kitesurfing locations too.

I hope this post about things to do in Kalpitya helped you, feel free to comment if you have questions.

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