For sale: The ultimate kook package Finnsurf edition – Car, Kite and Surfboard

Let’s start by answering 3 really simple questions:

Are you or do you want to become a Finnsurfer?
Do you have to rely on stinking “friends” to get to the beach?
Are you a real struggler?

If you answered Yes on one or more of these questions, we have the perfect product package for you;
The ultimate kook package Finnsurf edition.

Buy the package today for 1100 €!


This is what you get when buying the ultimate kook package Finnsurf edition:

A completely working car
A Surfboard privately imported from Bali.
A 6 m2 Kite. Too small for kiting in Finland most of times, but hey it is stormy some times.
Swigity swag.
Eternal youth.
Health, peace and glory.

2015-03-16 17.07.27
It is not the most beautiful, not the fastest, neither the most recent piece, but a stormy day when you need to get to [insert city]-Secret, it will definitely take you there. Then it is worth its weight in gold.

Brand: Citroen Saxo.
Year: 1998.
Milage: 175 K.
Top Speed: Above average bicycling speed. (at least downhill).
Color: Mostly red.
Fuel consumption: A teacup of gasoline now and then.
Next inspection (Katsastus): September.
Bragging points: Green driving, low fuel consumption, true to the game.
Compensation points for small penis: Zero.
Space: Fits 2-5 persons or 2 persons + surfboards + kites (Cozy when wet).
Brakes: Yes. Also new brake-pads in the backseat. Any handy man with the right tools installs them in no time.


Brand: Probably a cheap Japanese fake. But it looks like a Mario Lopez.
Length: 6.3
Width: Average
Thickness: Average
Suitable for Finnsurf conditions: Probably way too short and small. But hey, it’s the Kook-package we’re talking about. And you can always use it with the kite.
Broken: And fixed by Jesse.
History: Bought on Bali. Surfed on Lombok. And in Hanko. And on the west coast. No proven records of any airs or barrels.


Brand: GIN URU.
Size: 6 m2
Year: 2011
Color: Green and pink
Suitable for Finnsurf conditions: Works like a charm in storm-conditions. It is fast!
Riding style: Waves. Megaloops. At least when talking about the riding on the aftersurf.
History: Been to Philippines. Eaten by ants. Fixed by professional Romanian kite-doctor.
Pull: Like a truck.

Payment in Cash or Bank Transfer. Delivery in Helsinki. Car included in price. Parts can be shipped.
Call Jonathan. Or email him by clicking the button below:

Buy the package today for 1100 €!

Be quick! Only one package left in stock!

Price if bought separately:

  • Car: 700 €
  • Surfboard: 200 €
  • Kite: 300 €

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  1. Lokks really good, maybe will be there after season in Tarifa, Spain Kite-surf school

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