Ruben Lenten flying of a mountain in Norway during Ragnarok


In this video the megaloop king Ruben Lenten is flying of a mountain i Haugstol in Norway. It is just plain sickness!

Ruben Lenten snowkiting and jumping mountains

Ruben Lenten flying of a cliff during redbull ragnarokYou know about the Red Bull snowkite competition held in Norway every winter? It is called Red Bull Ragnarok, and it gathers all the best kiteboarders from all around the world, including Ruben Lenten, Aron Hadlow and many more. This year I haven’t heard a lot about the actual competition, but a lot more about Ruben jumping and flying off some cliffs with his kite. If you watch the video you see that he gets quite a lot of hangtime over there. Be sure to check it, and maybe try it as well, but I recommend you start with a little bit smaller cliffs.

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