Richard Branson buys PKRA

Richard Branson buys PKRA


Billionaire Richard Branson from Virgin buys the pro kite tour PKRA. Richard Branson is an old kiteboarder that have reached the news many times, while setting guiness world records, kitesurfing over the English channel, or kitesurfed with girls on his back. Now it was time for him to take over ownership for the biggest kiteboard-competition too.

Together with the  Spanish entrepreneur behind Zed, and Best Kiteboarding, Branson is starting a new company that owns the PKRA, starting from the Tarifa-stop in the end of summer 2014. [UPDATE: Best kiteboarding is not part of the deal anymore.]

Billionaire kitesurfer Richard Branson buys PKRA

What is going to happen when Richard Branson buys PKRA?

The things we know that will happen: 

  • There will be more money in the competitions (price money etc)
  • The events will now become events for real (like the one in SPO in Germany).
  • The media coverage will become wider. (The competitions might go on international TV etc)

What we think will happen:

  • The event format will change a bit to become more spectacular-friendly, new disciplines might get more focus.
  • The events will get more side-shows.
  • Kitesurfing get a lot closer to become an Olympic sport now when there is a strong company with money that can do the dirty talk with the different olympic commitees.
  • The price money will skyrocket and the friendly competition between friends becomes a little more serious.

Our opinion on Richard Branson buying PKRA:

At kitesurfersblog we like this move. We like that the sport gets more visible, I like that athletes pushing the sport finally can get paid, I like that kite-brands now can get more products sold, and I like that we get more friends kiting on the beaches.

What do you think? Is this good or bad for kitesurfing? And what do you think will happen to the sport?

Photos by: D@LY3D & Swell Surf Camp under CC license.

One thought on “Richard Branson buys PKRA

  1. Jay Lane says:

    Sir Richard Branson should purchase a website for the PKRA like or

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