Reasons to Date a Kite surfer

Reasons to Date a Kite surfer


A vote by the Olympic committee back in 2012 resulted in the conclusion that windsurfing as an event would be replaced by kitesurfing in the 2016 Summer Olympiad. For us kitesurfing enthusiasts it was an exciting day, one that was short lived when the controversial decision was reversed leading up to the Rio Games. Surely it’s a matter of time until the sport makes it into the Olympics, professional kite surfers are among some of the most incredible athletes in the world with the likes of Oli Sweeny and Lasse Walker. Not only are they good at the sport, it seems they’re also very dateable according to Date An Athlete, which provides a humorous insight into the reasons to date a kite surfer, even if it isn’t quite an Olympic discipline yet! Here are some of the reasons:

Unlimited beach days

This is a seriously good perk of dating a kite surfer, you can spend all weekend, every weekend at the beach – what could be better? This means that you’ll have a killer tan, better than anyone at work and it will be au naturel. There’s no place better to relax and feel stress-free than at the beach. And to keep you entertained, you’ll have your other half kite surfing all day long in a tight body suit. Doesn’t sound like a difficult task to us! Not only that though, your Instagram posts will be envied by all your friends when you are touring the world, from beach to beach to watch all the competitions. You could probably take on a part time job as an Instagram travel influencer if you brush up your photo skills.

They live life on the edge

Kite surfers are adventurous, the sport alone can be quite dangerous as British kitesurfing champion, Lewis Crathern, recently demonstrated. Why is this good for you?  You might worry about them but at least you’ll get to have a go yourself and their adrenaline lead attitude will help bring a constant stream of positivity into your life. You’ll be flying high (literally!) and be inspired to take challenges every day. There is no better way to live a fulfilling live!

They look after their bodies

The final perk of dating a kite surfer is that they are nice to look at, their bodies are toned and they’ll eat a balanced diet which benefits you too. It takes a lot of effort to make those slimming meals that make us feel on top of the world but by dating an athlete, you can leave it all to them, and take the leftovers. They don’t moan easily, aren’t afraid of shark bites or the reef shredding up their feet. On top of that, they’re strong with huge biceps that help to protect you in any situation. If you’re one who likes to feel safe at all times, a kite surfer might be the one for you!

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