Kitesurfer – What I really do

Kitesurfer – What I really do

kitesurfer what i think i do

So you have probably all seen the “what I really do” -images all over Facebook the last days? Now there’s one about kiteboarders as well, “kitesurfer – What I really do”. Enjoy and do not forget to hit “Share”!

You know the “What I think I do” pictures, right? They are always a little ironical, and with the following texts:

  • What my friends think I do
  • What my mom thinks I do
  • What society thinks I do
  • What I think I do
  • What I really do
  • And often one more niche-specific.

This is the kitesurfer-one, do you know about more nice pictures like this one? 🙂

If you want to learn how to make your own “What I really do” -picture, read this post:  How to make “This is what my friends think I do” -pictures.

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// Jonathan

4 thoughts on “Kitesurfer – What I really do

  1. Hallgeir Thorbjørnsen says:


  2. Renee Naomi Lancet says:

    Awesome. Who created this? Who can we credit this to? Thx

  3. Hi! Thank you!
    I created it, and then it went viral on a several Facebook pages. Here is the original, and a template if you want to make an own:

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