Jesajasport made us Spleene teamriders in Finland


Spleene from Jesaja Sport

So now it is official. Thanks to Jesaja Sport (Website), we (Me and my wife Lina) are now Spleene teamriders in Finland for the 2012 season. The two first kites are on their way to us from Germany right now.

What kind of Spleene kites did we order?

We started out with ordering one 14,5 m2 SP-X and one 9m2 QX. We have been riding on Gin Kites before, with some kick-ass low-wind capabilities, so I think the QX will feel quite the same as the Gin Zulus we have had. The QX is a freeride kite with good low-end pull, just like them. Personally I prefer the more C-kite shaped SLE SPX, I hve tried that once before here in Finland (no it’s not a C-kite, but closer than the QX).

Spleene SPX

Spleene SPX

Spleene QX

Spleene QX

2012 Spleene

I have heard that there are not coming anymore SP-X kites for 2012, they will be replaced with another freestyle-kite. I am really looking towards that, and I think I will order it as fast as it is released from the factory. I do not know the name of it, neither the look, but dear Spleene, see this as a pre-order from me already, one 7m2, one 10m2 and one 14m2, thank you..:) And could you please loose the look that you now have on your kites? Add some colors and make them look more like the awesome-looking green and pink board? That would make us even more happy.


Spleene website

Jesajasport website

Linas Kitesurfing blog

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