Hidden Lines trailer

Hidden Lines trailer


Hidden Lines is a new kitemovie coming in summer 2012, by EyEFOcE. The film is starring “the two biggest rivals in kitesurfing, and the craziest man on earth”, whoever that may be. Anyway, they are Kevin Langeree, Youri Zoon and Nick Jacobsen. Here is the trailer/teaser:

Aaand BOOM, Now the first part of the FULL MOVIE IS HERE, WATCH HIDDEN LINES PART 1 by clicking HERE!

Hidden Lines, a kitemovie to look forward to

Finally a kitemovie that looks good! It includes everything, secret spots, crazy kiteboarding, injuries, hotel pools, palms, waves, spins, paintball, and a lot more! It seems to be sponsored by Sportlife, Brunotti, O’neill and Slingshot.

Just be sure to tell me when the full movie is released and where I can get it!

Official description of Hidden Lines Kitemovie

“Two world champions and the craziest stuntman in kitesurfing set out to travel the destinations on top of their bucket list. While re-discovering the essence of kitesurfing, the hidden stories behind their dreamlike lifestyle’s are told. Along the way they find themselves in unexpected situations and magical moments.
Hidden lines will take viewers on a kitesurfing adventure full of action, travel, stunts and fun. 

  • A film by EyEFORcE productions 
  • Music composed by Jorrit Kleijnen – Paraphrase 
  • Aerial shots by Aeriallive
  • Photography by Tommy ‘N Lance”

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