Have you all tested Snowkiting?

Have you all tested Snowkiting?


Snowkite is often underrated. Most people thinks that snowkiting is cold, wet and hard surface. For me snowkite is beautiful sunshine, deep snow, and eternal flatwater feeling. Here is Petter Johnsen’s part from the best snowkite video this far, Dimensions, check that and tell me your opinions of snowkiting!

Dimensions is a snowkiting video from the norvegian snowkiting team “Snowkitefil.com”.

What is snowkiting

Maybe I have to tell you some words about snowkiting, a lot of you visitors are so lucky that you live in warm countries and have never even seen the white shit called snow. Or, white awesomeness. It just depends on what mood you are. But here is the story:

  • Snowkite is easier to learn than kitesurfing, when you do not sink into the water all the time.
  • Snowkite is better for old (and Swedish) people when you do not need a board, you can ride with skis or twintips.
  • Snowkite can be used as transportation, because you need less wind and also less steady wind.
  • In snowkiting you can use the cheapest ever foil kites that sink in water. But if you want to do freestyle tricks, the pump-kites are still the best. Even if pumping kites in the winter is painfull.
  • With snowkiting you can ride uphill and downhill, the entire mountain becomes your playground. That is why it is worth to try! It is therefor much more awesome than snowboarding or downhill skiing.

What do you think about snowkiting? Have you ever tested it?

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