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Wakestyle kitesurfing is also referred to as new school kiteboarding, it is where you are doing a lot of unhooked jumps, with the kite low, and just popping of the water smoothly with a lot of speed and doing handlepasses in the air. Wakestyle kitesurfing is influenced from wakeboarding and a bit from snowboarding as well. A lot of competitions are held in the wakestyle area, and some well-known wakestyle riders are Aaron Hadlow, André Philips and Youri Zoon.

Antandroy – F-one kitesurfing video, Madagascar, Africa


Antandroy – a F-one kitesurfing and SUP video, filmed in Madagascar, Africa. It does not get much more awesome than this.


Aaron Hadlow kitesurfing in Hurghada, Colona Watersports


We have booked a trip to Hurghada. Here is how it is gonna look when we ride there.. 🙂 No, this is just one more awesome kitesurfing video starring Aaron Hadlow, the four time (at least) world champion.


Kitevideo from Habo Locals

HomeSweetHabo from martin racz on Vimeo. Habo locals is presenting a sweet kitevideo. Check it if you want to see som Swedish kitesurfing.


Triple-S kitesurfing 2011 video


Triple-S was held in the middle of June in Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, here is one of the first Triple-S kitesurfing 2011 videos that have been launched.


ReVolve by HadlowPro, Aaron Hadlow kitesurfing video 2008


HADLOWPRO- REVOLVE 08 from mistertuko on Vimeo I know this video might be a little old, but that does not make it bad. It is one of the greatest kitemovies ever made.


CALIBRATE, Aaron Hadlow riding, sick edit by Andy Gordon


Calibrate is the third film in the Hadlowpro series.


Marc Jacobs Summer 2010 Video

Marc Jacobs Summer 2010 Video.


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