Big changes in kiteboarders sponsorship for 2016

Big changes in kiteboarders sponsorship for 2016


The year 2015 has been very turbulent in pro kiteboarding, where the PKRA tour got a new owner and name, VKWC, and a lot of events were canceled. Not to mention the seemingly never-ending fight between VKWC and IKA about the rights to crone a freestyle world champion. I do not know if it is because of this or not, but a lot of kiteboarders are changing their sponsor right now. Here’s what I’ve snapped up online this far.

The runaway from Best kiteboarding

Ruben Lenten left Best kiteboarding. His new sponsor is still unknown, but he wants to focus more on getting a kite that can send him up to 40 meters, as soon as he gets well again from cancer.

Youri Zoon left Best kiteboarding and went back to Slingshot. No bigger surprises here.

Lewis Crathern left Best and went to North kiteboarding.

Alex Neto left Best and went to RRD.

Gisela Pulido left Best kiteboarding, and have not announced a new kite sponsor yet. She’s still with Moviestar and RedBull though.

Zoon, Lenten and Pulidos contracts expired after 2015, and they were not continued, Best says in a press release. If this is true, if this was the plan already when they joined the team, or if there is something else behind it we do not know.

What will Lenten and Gisela ride now?


The question then, where will Gisela go? Will she keep riding her Best kites without contract? Will she go to North? Slingshot? Back to Airush? To some smaller brand? Let’s have a poll and vote!

Vote: Where will Gisela go?

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